Motley Fool: Here’s why you should invest

By Ray, posted 23/02/16 at 6.00pm.

This is an article from the Sydney Morning Herald. It is talking about the three mainly reasons why we should invest. The first one is that long-term investing can provide you with a very nice return on your money. Another one is that invest is to avoid having your nest egg ravaged by inflation. Thirdly, to invest is that you are saving yourself from ‘well’ you. Even though it is not legitimate that you spend your money immediately, your future self will thank you for your invest of spare cash.

Personally, I agree with the author’s opinion. Circumstances are wary. Today, you may be rich enough to meet the shopping desire. The day after tomorrow, you would be possible to be stuck in a heavy debt. However, the invest of spare cash can make a contribution to prevent you from the effect of inflation and unexpected accident.


Some new vocabulary I found:
in case = imaging that the case happens
        nest egg = the money you save for prospective need
legitimate ways = reasonable or legal ways
spare cash = the money which is left from your daily spending


You can read the article here:


Technology for problem sleepers

Technology for Problem SleepersHaving trouble sleeping? In The New Yorker, Patricia Marx writes about the economy of slumber, offering a lively survey of current gadgets and expensive equipment designed to get you a night of rest, and she nestles it snug as a bug with a primer on the growing science of sleep. From deprivation to natural cycles to oversleep, […]

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Technology for Problem Sleepers

A high-performance pillow is necessaries for the people who want a good sleep. Bedgear is a new company that sell technologically advanced bed accessories. Author’s friend has a pillow that based on a web questionnaire concerning user’s information like his size,sleep position and so on.

However there is pillo 1,from a company called Hall Ianovations. A friend of author said he will never will be a volunteer for this pillow anymore due to its so uncomfortable.

The poorest or the richest

This article from BBC News Australia. It talks about one Australia town in northern New South Wales named Delungra. In terms of revenue this place is really a poorest town with a mean taxable income of $21,691, but for its residents this town is full of sentimental value. “The smaller the community, the more people are going to put their hands up” a cattle farmer said. I agree with him, rich or poor never could be evaluated by money but by the real feeling from people.

Bob Carr calls for Australian immigration to cut by one-half
Due to growing population density on the eastern coast changes the Australia style of living,former NSW Premier and Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr though Australia should reduce its immigration intake by up to one-half。at a press conference in Sydney Mr Carr presented “Australia have got a third-world style population growth rate”。Because of increasing of people every year,the price of housing goes up。Youngsters can’t get house in the big cities。The Australia officially declared the population have hit 24million people and according to the Australian Bureau of statistics to support his point。Mr Carr mentioned Australia is a developed country which the most high rate of population growth,so that the government have to make housing more affordable and to improve infrastucture,it’s never enough。He said new immigration would be ‘crammed’ in Australia’s east。he also said reducing overrall immigration made the federal labor’s plans to increase Australia’s refugee intake。Mr Carr though Australia’s economy should concentrate on export-led growth rather than relying on an expansion in ita domestic market。According to statistics from the federal Treasury,although the peak of population has dropped from 2008 to 2014,its highest level as a proportion of the country’s total population since about 1965。

invariably and concentration two words I learned in English class,compatible is a new words I known from this blog。