Technology for problem sleepers

Technology for Problem SleepersHaving trouble sleeping? In The New Yorker, Patricia Marx writes about the economy of slumber, offering a lively survey of current gadgets and expensive equipment designed to get you a night of rest, and she nestles it snug as a bug with a primer on the growing science of sleep. From deprivation to natural cycles to oversleep, […]

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Technology for Problem Sleepers

A high-performance pillow is necessaries for the people who want a good sleep. Bedgear is a new company that sell technologically advanced bed accessories. Author’s friend has a pillow that based on a web questionnaire concerning user’s information like his size,sleep position and so on.

However there is pillo 1,from a company called Hall Ianovations. A friend of author said he will never will be a volunteer for this pillow anymore due to its so uncomfortable.