feeding the heart of the city

Feeding the Heart of the City: A Love Letter at the Closing of Our Grocery StoreIt is not a coincidence that areas with high Indigenous populations are the areas deprived of access to food and health care. At its core, this is an issue of maintaining the dispossession of Indigenous people and the legitimacy of Canadian control; an attempt to destroy the nations and legal orders that we hold in our blood, our muscles, our stomaches, our minds, our mouths.
Feeding the Heart of the City: A Love Letter at the Closing of Our Grocery Store


Baby dolphins dies after being past around at Argentina beach


The La Plata dolphin is considered to be vulnerable species as there is through to be only 30,000 left in the world. Therefore we need to protect the dolphin, protect the animals,protect our world!http://m.smh.com.au/world/baby-dolphin-dies-after-being-passed-around-at-argentine-beach-20160218-gmy288.html

Australian immigration and housing

This is an article from the Sydney Morning Herald. It talks about one Australian politician’s ideas for immigration. I don’t agree with his ideas because I think that Australia has plenty of space for more immigrants, so there’s no reason to lower the number of immigrants allowed in the country each year.


Some new vocabulary I found:

breakneck population growth = breakneck growth or breakneck speed refers to an extremely rapid increase

pegging immigration back = pegging back means reducing

net migration = [total number of people moving into the country] – [total number of people moving out of the country]


You can read the article and watch a related video here: